Thanks for Ur answers. Let me ask a direct question now. I am sorry if you feel this is not a decent question. Recently my girl friend dumped me and I am going through a toughest phase of my life. I feel the only way to release my stress is by having sex with a prostitute and forget that gal forever. But I do not want to take law in my hand and spoil my career. If Indian law does not permit this then I am planning to take a break go to some foreign country where it is acceptable. I respect Indian law. Google helped me with some numbers of gal escorts but I guess this is not supported by Indian law. Is it legal to book a hotel and have sex with a prostitute in India? What does 200 yards away from public place mean? Please pardon me for asking this doubt. I just need to do this else I may not be able to concentrate on my work. I am planning to fly Bangkok if Indian law doesn't allow me to do this. Please understand even if it is embarrassing but i must do something to forget my gf forever. M feeling very stressed and might go in depression hence I need to understand how can i have sex with a prostitute in India. Sorry for asking this indecent question. Ladies please excuse me. Will I be arrested if I contact the gal escorts online and meet them in a hotel?