What should I do in such a devastated situation?

I married in April 2016 with Hindu rituals and just after spending nine days in my matrimonial home, I came back to my mother's home. I got to know after marriage that my husband has an affair with a married lady. He ignored me as if he had married me reluctantly. He told me to ask for even sindoor to his younger brother who was conspirating and spreading rumours about him and me in a dirty manner. My husband does not work and was completely dependent on his brother for his financial needs. Before marriage he told us that he has a joint business of textile with his brother. But God knows from where he is getting money to pay for his high expenses like huge petrol bills, mobile bills, Expensive clothes and all the things to show off. He only has one room in his house so he told my family before marriage that he would hire a flat on rent after marriage for him n me but after marriage he denied and asked me to live in that one room with him, his mother and brother obviously because he does not earn. He told me and my family that he was graduate but after marriage I found out that he was just eighth passed. After marriage his brother suggested to hire a flat on rent for the entire family for which I clearly denied as in such an open home which has other portions that belong to my husband's uncles, his brother is spreading rumours so who knows what would he do in a closed flat that too when my husband spent hours out of home and came back late at night. I have no problem in living with his mother though. My real elder sister was the match maker as she and my husband both work for a political party. My sister took the guarantee for everything but later on she fought with me n broke relation from me n my mother because I was not willing to go back to my husband in that condition especially when his younger brother had bad intentions and who was spreading rumours about him and me. Now from more than three months my husband has not tried to reconcile on personal level and not even rang me up once. I used to work as a tutor before marriage and due to my marriage I lost my work too as I did not know that I'll have to come back where I was. I heard that the lady with whom my husband has an affair, eloped with my husband before my marriage but they both came back and that lady's husband had filed a case against my husband but now that man also withdrew his case against my husband as my sister convinced that man that if he files the case against my husband, then taking its advantage I can also file a case against my husband and my divorce would be easy, after which my husband will again be free for his wife. That lady was also working for the same political party. Now my husband told one of the guy of my sister's in-laws side that he has some records against my sister and if he reveals them then my sister's entire family, including her husband and two grown up sons would leave her. I think because of those secrets my sister made me marry to a conman. She had also took some money from my husband's family but I want to keep my sister apart from this case as I do not want all this to put a bad impact on her family members who are supporting me a lot going against my sister. I do not have any brother, my dad passed away twelve years back and I lost a big share of my savings and my dad's fixed deposit on my marriage. I am going through financial difficulty too. I only have my old widow mother to support me at this time who herself is a pensioner. Now I filed a case under CrPC 125 against my husband to build financial pressure on him and remind him of his responsibilities and the honourable justice has ordered for my address verification and gave me next date in November. My husband has no idea about this case. Simultaneously, I submitted an application in CAW Cell who called my husband too. He came there on the given date, saw me and made a call to someone going away. Then he went into the room where mediation takes place and God knows what he did there for 15-20 minutes. Infact the entire mediation process also did not take that long. The respective SI (male) cross questioned me twice on petty issues but did not ask even a single question to my husband. Then after mediation he sent my husband out and ask me to write my conditions on which I am ready to reconcile. I was in a poor mental state then after arguing with my husband and suddenly got no idea about what conditions I should write . Now after returning back home, I realized that I should have added a few more points in that. The SI has called my husband on the next date with his brother and made him read my conditions too in front of me but I think my husband used his links there as he knows some "BIG" people of his political party. He is still in contact with my sister openly and vice-versa on social networking even after my sister's husband and sons have asked him to stay away from my sister. He is in contact with many other ladies on social media. He used to come back home late at night right from the next day of my marriage after spending hours out of home. What should I do now? I am already 34 years old, shall be 35 in a few coming months and don't know how many years will be taken in divorce proceedings and getting rid off him. He is not even trying to reconcile, nor reforming himself and threatened me once to not give me divorce so that I can't live peacefully again getting rid off him. I am in a difficult situation. Hopeless, Jobless and Depressed. Please guide me with your kind suggestions