Money fraud

Respected sir I am a guy who has been a victim of a fraud case. This is what has happened I am a btech civil student. After completing the degree i went for a job then after sometime my own business. I had a good friendship with my college classmate..who lives in surat n from him a meet a guy name amit jain(Fraudist)..he was my friends rooommate. He was in surat for over 3 years...then my friend abhijit came in his room an develpod a friendship. I use to visit his pg sometimes and from there a got to know the fraudist amit jain. He use to make people fool in discounted four wheelers, two wheelers ,, silver anf platanium was his major area. Under this greediness i have invested some money into his business ..and getting vehicles and mobile at low cost. He gave interest of 5-7%on gold silver and platinium which he told everybody. But at last on 5/8/2016 he flew away with a big amount. Around 25 people are his victim and from them some are good business man and some are medium class like me. I know its my greediness that toke that..but what can we do now. Some have filed a application in surat..but now they are going to take back the application because of police cross questioning. Please help