Builder didnt give cc and oc and trying to make society.

Respected sir, I booked a flat in kota ,rajasthan while launching in year 2013 and I did registry in Dec 2015 and after that I started living in this flat. Builder didn't give me any completion certificate and occupancy certificate. There are 108 total flats in our apartment ,all are sold and similar to me around 50 family has shifted in this apartment. Two week back builder took meeting with flat owners to made society which was strongly opposed by the residents of the apartment because builder was not ready to give any NOC and CC and OC. He didn't install STP, Solar Plant and lpg gas pipe line (mentioned in his Boucher). Also he gave each of us smaller parking area(2.5*5) wrt what he took permission from UIT(2.75*5.5). Last week( around 7 august 2016 ) builder forcefully made socity himself claiming that he has 24 flat owner sign and started charging for maintenance . I want to mention here that builder is a Lawyer too and he keeps threatening us thay if you want to do anything then go to Court. My qn is: 1) How we can get CC and OC as many essential things like STP and solar plant is not installed ? 2)As we are living without CC and OC in apartment so can we get panaltise by uit or nagar nigam ? How can we secure ourself by it? 3) Builder forcefully made society and started charging for common services so is it right ? What further action you guys suggest to make thing right.