regarding chit fund transfer fraud

Hello sir, We were introduced to a chit fund agent srinivas who was working for margadarsi chit funds company by a very reliable close family friend in bangalore. He seemed genuine and very honest and hence we thought of going a chit fund. He said he had a party (damodar raj) who had been paying for a chit since 20 months and couldn't pay further and wanted to transfer the chit after the 20 months money settlement is done. we decided to go for transfer and gave him the cheque for around 4 lakhs. The money was with drawn in the name of pv parvathamma 2 yrs back (we got to know later that pv parvathamma is mother in law of agent srinivas and was also agent of margardarsi chit fund). After that, the chit was not transferred and we couldn't get any agreement or any doocument also. The agent srinivas had been assuring it would be done and the transfer never happened. At some point he stopped answering our calls. After rigorous follow up, he introduced the party damodar raj and he kept himself away from the issue. Meanwhile agent srinivas quit margardarsi chit fund and seems he relocated or ran away to hyderabad after selling all his property in bangalore. He never picked up our calls after that. Now the issue is - 1. We spoke to party damodar raj who agrees that he will pay back money but he is saying he doesnot have money now. 2.since we don't have any agreement done or any document, how should we proceed legally only with the proof of cheque drawn in the name of pv parvathama Please help . 2. Since we don't have any document norhow should we proceed legally only with the cheque withdrawn in the name of pv parvathamma?