abetment of suicide

I was in a relationship with a boy for 2 yrs (from 2005-2007).we also got physically intimate.But he became controlling and suspicious on me so i broke it off with him..we also informed his parents that this relationship is over.He did not take rejection very well.He started blackmailing me with photos that we took,threatening and harassing me,he used foul language.I begged him to leave me alone.He threatened me with suicide in a chat message and i calmed him down and said not to do any such thing.Then i talked to him and told him that we both are not right for each other,(my parents also did not agree to marry him) and he would find a very nice person as his life partner..he calmed down.He did not talk about suicide any more..so i did not see any reason to inform his parents about the suicide threat( i understood that he was just blackmailing me with suicide) Later i got married and have a family now..i do not have any contact with my ex-boyfriend..he tried to contact me a couple of times but i did not respond.It has been 7 years but still i worry if he ever committed suicide will i be charged for abetment of suicide under 306 ipc?Because he threatened me with suicide in a chat message..so this conversation would be in his email..that means there is proof that he had a suicidal thought and i knew about it..but i did not take it seriously..at that time i did not know that i could go to the police and inform them?.. “The Supreme Court has consistently held that a word uttered in a fit of anger or emotion without intending to trigger a step as extreme as suicide can’t be said to be abetment to suicide. The SC has also consistently clarified that to prosecute a person for abetment to suicide, prosecution has to prove that the accused had the intention and knowledge that a specific act on his part could trigger suicidal tendency in the victim.” The above statement from the supreme court scares me..because according to the chat message i have the knowledge that me breaking up with him might trigger suicidal thought in him.. So this being said is there anything that i can do legally now..like informing the police about his suicidal nature..or because it has been 7 years i can just let it go?I do not want to be blamed for his actions later in the future...Please Please help i am very scared and do not have anywhere else to go