Unresponsive Tenant

Dear Sir, I would like to ask for your advice in the matter of my flat. I had rented out 1 3 bedrooms flat to a family about little less than a year ago. About 4 months back, I was in need of putting my flat on the market and informed the tenant of my intention, so he will allow potential buyer to see the flat with fixed schedule. I also let him know that I would only sell to buyer that will take on the rest of his lease so he has plenty of time to look for another flat or negotiate with the new owner for new lease. However, upon hearing this news, he and his wife became extremely hostile and threaten to not let anyone step inside the house. He also "requested" "compensation" for me selling my own flat. So, I was not able to send any buyer to my flat and this matter was dropped. Now, my wife and I are needing to move into this very own flat by the end of October. We are living in a joint family setting with my parents and the lease is up at the end of October. My parents have found another flat to move into and now we are opt to live in our own flat. I had called him, emailed him, whatspp him, send registered mail to him informing him that we would need him to leave once the lease is up on Nov 5, 2014. He was unresponsive at best. He had expressed no confirmation of letting us know the date he will move out. Reading all this horror stories online of tenant from hell, leave me and my wife in a state of panic, as we have no idea of how to deal with tenant that just won't leave. Please let us know what option do we have in this case. Thanks in advance