Eviction of tennant

Hi Sir, I am from hyderabad and like to know how i can vacate my tenant's from my 2 shetter's in which there are staying for 16 year's as there are paying very less rent compare to the shop's in the area and when asked to increase the rent according to the area wise they simply denying the request. Now we are planing to construct the shetters in G+1 and when contacted the tenants regardin the same and asked to deposit some amount for the contruction and once the shetter's get re-establish we inform them to increase the rent according to the area and market wise. They got ready to pay some of the amount for the construction but clearly indicating that they will not increase the rent. On this we asked to vacate the premises if not able to increase the rent. They are sayin that they will not vacate the place nor they will increase the rent and will move to court. So please guide me how to tackle in this situation and what steps need to be taken to evict them from the premises and your inputs that can help us. They are in a contract for every 11 month's with 10% hike in rent. Thanks and Regards Ali