Please guide me

Hello iam Umesh bhandare iam Bsc HS studemt from mumbai earlier i was staying with my family in worli with mom sister and my uncles family in our family propert in worli Now from 2013 we had shifted to dombivli east As we have clashes in between my uncle family and mine family about property and my lovemarried life On 06 august i got knew that my 3 number uncle is admited in hospital in serious condition so me and my dads sister my bua both of us we went to the hospital to meet my 3number uncle and we discus his all condition parameters and etc with doctor in between that my anti and her daughter both they came and abused me and slapped me and asked me why u came here and getlost and all etc so quitely i went to my home dombivLi So on [deleted] that my admited uncle got death so on his furenal me and my mom with my buas family went to the our old buildings premises so again that anti and her daughter they abused me my mom and they fighted physically with me with the help of one police employ and before us they went to nearest police station and with help of that police employ whos my antys daughters friemd useing the power they file case againt me filed case with charges 323,324,509 and police hadnt llistened my side and they arrested me even thoe didnt allow me to eat food, and etc my family requested to file case against them as well but the PSI wasnt able to hear my side i have all the vedio how he was acting with us next day i got a baile from honble magistrate court and now on baile Guide me what will be next procedures What will be effect on my carrer , and how long will take to solve the case What are the options we haveto solve the case soon