Delay in home possession

I m from mumbai. Me and my husband bought a 3 Bhk flat in Pune pimple Saudagar early this early. The builder and his team did not entertain any negotiation on the flat price, they also ensured that we payed all the advanced in the given time frame. The final loan got dispersed on 10th June , we visited the sight and high red the leakage, issues with door, window frames , tiles, toilet fittings and finishing as a concern area. On this we were assured verbally within 5-10 days the houses will be cleaned, if there is anything to be fixed that will be done and we will get our house in next 10 days. We also wrote a complaint letter putting all the points and personally gave to the lady who sold the flat to us. She assured us everything will be done in next 2-3 days. It's been 2 months the state of the house is the same, we met the builder asking fir compensation and solutions as its been 2 months we are paying EMIs and no possession yet. he said there is no delay, we may move in anytime. The leakage will be fixed by him but there is no compensation. Cannot gaurantee the time frame for fixing the issue. In this situation we cannot stay ourselves nor can we keep tenants I need a solution and advise on this issue