Data Entry Work(Fraud)

My sister have enrolled for Data Entry Work with Universal Youth Card company.She has also registered herself by paying fees of amounting 3500/- & has also started the data entry work. after completion she has submitted the same & they have also acknowledge about the work completion received. After checking the work they have agreed for the Rs. 17500/- (14500/- work completion + registration fees 3000/-) that they will pay us. But they kept a condition saying that they will only released the payment when she will enrolled for second assignment amounting Rs. 3000/-. she has also try to convince them that she dont have money to pay, so you make the payment & i will pay out of it. But they refuse saying that this is not company policy else you will not receive your first payment. Hoping that after paying second assignment fees (3000/-) she will receive first payment she have done payment. But thereafter they refuse to receive call or they dont yet response over mail. Please try to help my sister & also other youngster who wll come across their way.