Have an NC FIR registered. Want to know how to proceed.

Hello, 7 guys, 5 of them are my relatives, attacked me at my home with hockey sticks at night at 3 AM due to land issue, attackers have occupied land for 20 years and we are about to file a civil suite. As it was the yearly celebration of goddess of our village, our neighbour hood was not asleep, they and some of my relatives defended me. I was not hurt. No one was hurt. One guy manage to slap on my head from behind. They entered my house but were taken out of my house by saviours. In a skirmish a guy punched my cousin on shoulder. They attacked my bike and bend petrol tank using hockey sticks. I called 100, police came, they sent me to police station to file an FIR, police filed NC FIR. Police went to their home, they were out of village for 6 days. When I followed up police 4 to 5 times, police pressurised them to come to police station. A PSI told me to that he took their statements and they will not do the same thing again. But, it is not enough for me. What can I do so that they can be punished by law. After that incident my family get's panic and feel under threat. All of them are drunkards.