Agricultural Plot with registered Sale Deed, but no name on 7/12

Hello, I had purchased a agricultural plot of 2000 sqft in the year 2011 through a property agent who deal into plotting of agricultural land and selling it for profit. During purchase of this plot I was not much aware of the Property law. I had a registered sale deed done with the owner for this plot. Later while I inquired about adding my name to the 7/12, I was told that due to certain reasons, henceforth names would be added on the 7/12 only for land purchases of 11000 sqft and above. As such I do not have my name on the 7/12 now after multiple follow ups with the agent. I would like to sell the plot to a prospective buyer now. My question's to you are, 1. Can I sell the plot without my name on the 7/12, based on the sale deed ? How can that be done ? 2. I have been told that my name cannot be added to the 7/12 due to the rule passed by govt of Maharashtra, is it true ? 3. If at all I hand over the possession of the plot with my power of attorney, does it make sense ? I would be thankful to you if you could help me answer my questions.