i have had a divorce in Chennai in 2009 by mutual consent i am French and my ex husband is also French (due to his mariage to me in 2002 in Europe but Indian nationality originally) he forced me to sign rather i had no choice as i had no other methods to escape) and the divorce is totally full of lies he stated that we were not living together from 2006 and that he resides in India when he is not. Though the divorce went through in a month and he also made it recognised in France. He has lived abroad Chennai from 2008 where i was there with my kids and he lied to me as originally we were supposed to live together in India . Also he is not respecting the divorce settlement post 2011 he keeps the children in Chennai at his mum house and does not pay alimony to me any longer. He just use the support of his mum and grand mum to take care of the kids. Since i have been staying in Chennai since 2008 i have worked there with my PIO (is that also non valid post the divorce ?) i never found any solution in India to tackle the issue so i came to France now one month ago and my children are still in India now. He divorced me according to hindu marriage where as i am christian. What do you recommend ? what can i do ?