SLP dismissed with note to seek regular bail as Charge Sheet!!

Respected Experts, I am facing case under section 498A and DP act 3 & 4. Three accused, Anticipatory bail granted to my Parents. My Anticipatory bail rejected by Session court, Jharkhand High court. SLP against Jharkhand High Court is dismissed with note that As Charge Sheet is submitted (in Aug 2015) so petitioner may seek for regular bail. FIR is based on concocted facts and allegation, Police charge sheet without any material evidence, no medico legal record. Witness repeating allegation in FIR. What is best option for me to get relief. Contrary to liberal view of Apex Court and several Favorable Legal and Constitutional grounds Here in jharkhand in 498A case husbands get bail only if he agree to compromise with 498A wife. Now if I surrender before trial court and file for bail, will not get, chance of relief is from high court. I am in risk of behind bar for uncertain period of time till I get relief from High Court or Apex court. And It will have devastating effect on my life. Please advice if there is possibility of relief in Trial Court. best regards. AK