How to vacate Stay for our Property?

Hello All, Property is self acquired by my grand father and was gifted to my mother. We are paying tax and elect bills and water bills as well and property is in our position as well. We have all the clear documents from village panchyath when my grand father bought and gifted regd document till my mother. After my grandfather passed away, his sons has put case against my mother on this property seeking a share equally from their father properties even though they got a separate will for other self acquired property by my grand father. Though my grand father has not distributed the property equally, since sons have not looked into my grand father livelihood and not provided any concern till his death. He has earned his own money till death and only he was worry about his daughter (my mother) since her husband left her in early days and got second marriage. It has been almost 7 years now and we cant able to sell or rent this property since it is under Stay from court and its in village as well. Kindly provide me any suggestions how we can vacate this stay and sell this property to others. Sons do not have single document by their side and they are ruling like anything. Please help me. Thanks in advance, Regards, Vinay