Father anchestral properties

Good day to you sir,My father( he is also an senior advocate & voilent nature) alive and have two wifes.I,myself (married 8 yrs back) along with one brother ( he is not mentally fit) belongs to first wife.One brother ( he married 8 mnths back & voilent nature) belongs to second wife. my father have only anchestral properties.Now a days,my step mother & brother enticed to my father & by them beating my mother,brother & my family when I was in out of house because i m seaman,could not be there always and have peace loving person enforce always to leave house & not giving any maintenance.I m very disturbed sir,I donot want to fight them.My query & fear is whether my father execute a will of anchstral properties Ya transfer anchstral properties to only my step brother only.Plse guide me to during father life time,can i file a partition suit and alimony suit for my brother & mother & how to defence my father & step brother aggressive behaviour.For this I will be very gratefull to you forever.