Second marraige without divorce

Dear sir I am from tamilnadu. I was married Feb 2015. That marriage without me and my parents dont like . Some mis behavior with me that girl our village people all are forced to marry that girl. After 2 days I came to know that I was cheated with her and family also. That time I left from my home without any intimate to her. After one weak my nearest police station call to me, come for investigation. At the time I clearly inform to sub inspector I Don want to live this girl until my death . So they are convinced more then three days . But I strongly committed with my statement. After thatthey took one letter like that from me. At the Same time that girl also wrote a letter like my husband when he want to to stay with me then I go. Until I am not disturb he and his family. Also my husband family don't ask any dowry . She put signature witnesed by their parents also my village president. After this incident my family shifted to another city . Six Months no connection in between both family.Recently August -15 she filed one dowry case against me and my family. That case we are u took antibcinary bail to all of us. Now more then 18 months complete. Now my question follow 1. Shall i apply divorce 2 how much time will take for divorce 3 if divorced how much amount will be pay for her aprrox 4 without divorce shall I remarry without her knowledge 5 if my 're marry she came to know what kind kind of case will be filed 6 in that case how to solve Please give some solutions sir. Thank you