pls suggest a legal way to persuade my wife to live with me

my wife left my house along with my 6 year old daughter from june 2014 while i was working abroad.i left my job & came to india in july 2014.while i was working abroad i was sending money to her.the reason of her leaving me was that she found my profile seeking remarriage in some matrimonial site which was not done by me as it was registered with my india phone number of which the handset was with she is staying separately somewhere unknown to us& does not allow me or my family to talk or meet my daughter.Her parents supported her when she had taken all my household things such as cooking gas,tv,ac ,utensils etc which were all purchased by me.she & her parents wants her to live separately away from me & at the same time provide her monthly maintenance of Rs.37500/- incl. house rent where she is staying & also she is working.i am looking for a job here & told her in our joint meeting last time that i can bear expenses to some extent provided we live together but not separate of which she & her parents threatened us with legal action.since we are looking for reconcilation since this issue began is there a legal way we can stay together after all this,also can we prosecute her father & her as she had not taken any consent or permission only informed by SMS to me & my parents that she is shifting whereas all the household things were purchased by me of which how they can shift. pls provide advice.