Power of District Cosumer Forum

Dear sir, I have purchased four developed plots ( two together and one, one separate in the same compound of the bunglow scheme) in my wife's name. Two plots Nos. 51&52 are fully paid Rs. 600000/- each and with registered conveyance deed and 7/12 extract mutiated. The other two plots 7 & 15 i paid booking amount. In 2013 i filed the case in District Forum for the excess way to the two plots 51&52.for which the forum appointed a commission and the report is duly submitted in 2015. The other case for plot Nos.7&15 stating that i have purchases at Rs.600000/- each for which they replied stating they had sold for Rs 2500000/- each. I have submitted enough evidence that they had sold at From 2013 to till now the OP has been filling objection and not giving any documentary evidence inther support. For both cases They objected on the PA ( Power of attorney ) from my wife to me. They said it is not notarized. After the same was submitted notarized they objected that the rubber stamp on the stamp paper is not correct and blamed me instead of the vendor. The Forum after one year dismissed their appeal. Then they approached State Commission where it was also said that it is not my mistake and these kind of objections should not be entertained. During this period in Dec.2014 they sold one plot no.15 to a third party for Rs.650000/. I Approached the Forum and prayed to grant stay on Plot Nos. 7, 15 & other plots in their name. After arguments the OP confirmed creating third party but said the deal is still not ratified. Upon the same Forum obliged us with stay on plot No. 7 and STATUS QUO on plot no. 15. After three year with all these objections they now object to the jurisdiction of the Forum saying as more than one plot is purchased in one name hence it is not consumer case. for which they have submitted the example of other case. The copies of the same are attached herewith. Further i have submitted lease agreements showing that we are staying on rental with adult children.( ONE SON AND TWO DAUGHTERS) the these plots are purchases for me and my children. I here by request you that please help me with citations that I can purchase for my family or any clause to protect me against this objection. Also can they object after three year and at final stage Thanking you VIJAY DIALANI