Fighting a case since 2008 (138/374)

I was a dealer as a brokers employye. A customer lost his investment in several trades (2004). He claimed that it was due to me. All dilivery slip signed by customer. Later understanding his need ( in 2005), I lended him some money for his personal issues (payment by cheque from fathers account). He pressurised me with claims of his political reach and in 2007 during my own business was going properly, he use to send his wife and daughter at my office to create kiosk. He took in writing that I would be paying him for his loss (on stamp paper). Now the cheque bounces and the I thought just because his intentions are not to pay back my money he is creating a ground by sending me notices. Thus I ignored it. I have mentioned all this to the lower court. Still I was sentenced for jail term and fine. I just need to ask you all educated fellows. What justice is left in a country were a judgment is so senseless ? I am still attending and fighting for my dignity cause I lost all what I earned. Breeding my family on soft loans and a pity job which changes every six months.On a verge of sucidal life. How much and how can I ask for compensation ? When I lost the job I was paid 5 Lacs p.a.+ incentives. Still being optimistic.