Mental & Physical Torture

I got married in November 2015 & in month of Jan'2016 I came to know that my mother in law used to give Sizodon medicine (basically used for mental patient) to my husband with out his knowledge by mixing in daily food , this information was not shared at the time of marriage & she ask me to continue the practice however I refused for this & asked for medical prescription of doctor they didn't provide me & started torturing me both physically & mentally after 2 to 3 months nature of my husband suddenly changed, he behaves in a manner as if someone is trying to hurt him & he has to save himself from unknown person, also while moving on the road he looks every vehicle in suspicion as if person driving is inteded to kill/hurt him. he was working with DEL however suddenly left the job. Some time he became very violent & some time behaves like kid. once he left the house in night without any information to any one. Now they all are threatening me for the dread consequences , kindly advice me what I have to do, I don't want to continue the marriage, kindly guide me. My hometown is Lucknow & I am staying in delhi as I am working women.