125 and 494

A girl filed a case against me at mohali(punjab)on 2006 that i was marry with her on dec 2003 and a girl child was born nov 2005. Case decision at cjm court mohali was in favour of me in following fact and i was aqquited on the basis of following points 1-she got register a fir against another person at bikaner(rajasthan) under section [deleted] at mahila police thana. She gave a statement under sec 164 before the learned magistrate that she know that bikaner resident person last 10 years and she was having relations with him later she got fir against him on dec 2012. So that document proves the act and conduct of complainant. 2-prosecution failed to examine priest who has performed the marriage of the accused with the present complainant and there is no independent witness except the complainant to prove the marriage of accused with present complainant or first wife.. So in the circumstanses accuse aquotted. Sir in the mean time in july 2007 she filed a case for maintanance under section 125 for her and the girl child at the lower court ludhiana. Lower court order in oct 2013 maintance of rs 1500 and 1000 for for that lady and girl child respectivly from the date of order. That lady appeal against lower court order at distrct and session judge ludhiana. In that case i was not received any notice from court as i was shifted from mohali.so in that case as a x party decision maintance was same but court ordered the maintance will give from the date of application that is around 7 yrs.order date is august 2014. So sir please suggest me what should i do..? Should i go to high court or give the maintance. Sir i have now very bad financial position. Sir i have all the details and certified copies of bikaner related cases. Thanks