How can i object againt 279 of ipc, 132(1)& 181 of

1 month back when i was riding bike police jeep signalled me to stop. They were behind me and made a continues horn. I didnt stop the vehicle since i wasnt wearing helmet . Same day evening they came to home and told me to come to police station next day morning. Then i checked all my vehicle papers, unfortunately pollution certificate were expired, so next day morning i took new pollution certificate and went station. After hours of waiting they told me to pay fine at court when i receive summons. I signed in many papers as the bail procedures. (all these things were happened in June2016 ) Yesterday(03/08/2016) i received summon paper, i came to know that they have charged following sections against me 279 of IPC, 132(1) & 181 of MV ACT and i have to go to court on 9th August to pay fine, which might be around 1500. I googled about all these section and came to know that : 1. 279 - for rash driving and threaten for human life. My view - I didn't do any rash driving , i was riding @ below 45 Km per hour. So how can they charge this section against me ? 2. 132(1) - For not stopping the vehicle ( I dont have any problem with section since i didnt stop when they signalled me to do.) I would like to know that what is the maximum penalty i should pay for this section? 3. 181 of mv act - Not submitting the driving liscence or driving without a liscence. My view- I have a valid liscence with me, and i submitted it police officer when they demanded. So how can they charge this section agsinst me ? I want to know that how can i escape from all these penalty ( iam a student and i dont want to spent my 1 month pocket money at court)? How can object against this ? (All the above mentioned info are 100% truth, as my dad said 'dont lie to advocates and doctors') I am planning to object against these charges as there were no police checking at that time and when i was on road some vehicle made a sound horn, next moment i turned my bike to left since it was my route to home. Later only i came tk know that it was a police vehicle, i went to police station next day morning itself as they demanded and i haven't done any dishonest with any officers. i submitted all my vehicle's documents. So i request the court to avoid penalty. CAN I OBJECT LIKE THIS ? I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE EXPERTS VIEW ON THIS CASE, SINCE IAM A STUDENT I DON'T WANT TO PAY 1500 AS PENALTY, SO CAN YOU PLEASE SUGGEST ME A BETTER WAY TO ESCAPE FROM PENALTIES OR PAY LESS AMOUNT. HOPEFULLY, Dakheel M