Harassment and abused by wife all the times

Dear Sir/Madam, I got married with a divorcee girl 3.5 years back and after marriage there were various reasons of fights. I tried to manage in every possible ways but nothing worked for long. My parents also tried to get the issues resolved but she didn't listen. Now, the situation is the worst. She starts shouting at the loudest level and all our neighbors are harassed with this. She picks any small topic and always tries to make that issue very big. She always fights with my mom and dad also. My in-laws knows everything but they don't help in this. They starts ignoring my phone calls if I approaches them. She starts attempting suicide all the times. She also hit me with anything she gets. She always abuse me in front of my parents and neighbors. I don't oppose her just to control her. Once she gets cool, then she starts blaming me and my parents for everything. We accept the same and assure her that it will not happen again. Anyways, It is horrible life now and I want to come out of this. Please advise, what can I do. It is my first marriage and her 2nd marriage. She was divorcee earlier.