my name is sridhar age 32,living in ongole,andhra pradesh,my father and mother are died,iam living with my own sister and uncle(my mother younger brother) and my sister has one daughter age 10years.i have own property and i can survival my live even after marriage. when marriage took place on 29.11.2012 at "Seetharama Kalyanamandapam" Hathi Ramji Matam, Thirumala as per Hindu rites and custom in the presence of both family members, relatives and well wishers etc.. after 60 days over my wife went along with own brother. i want tell about my wife family details who were living in guntakal. i have aunty and uncle died.and my aunty has three childrens1.my wife(degree failed) 2.boy working in banglore 3.one boy studying degree. when i gone with family to take my wife on sep 05 2013,my wife not his family members said final word we will not send your wife. after that now 20.09.2014 my wife send a court notice to me the following details mention in court notice is 1.petioner is my wife 2. respondent is iam husband name is sridhar 3 Petitioner and Respondent both are Hindus, Governed by Hindu Marriage Act. Their marriage took place on 29.11.2012 at "Seetharama Kalyanamandapam" Hathi Ramji Matam, Thirumala as per Hindu rites and custom in the presence of both family members, relatives and well wishers etc.. 4. Respondent parents were no more on the date of marriage. Respondent's sister Padmavathi, Brother-in-law Lakshman Rao are elders on behalf of the Respondent. On demand of Respondent, his sister and Brother- in-law a sum of Rs.3,00,000/- was given as dowry for the marriage by the Petitioner's mother and brother. A sum of Rs.6,00,000/- was spent for performing marriage at Thirur4a and reception at Guntakal. AN the house, hold articles were also given by Petitioner's mother and brother to the Respondent. 5. After reception on 01.12.2012 Respondent left Petitioner at,Guntakal stating that no good days to take bride. Ten days thereafter Petitioner's mother Narasamma and brother A. Lohith took Petitioner to the house of Respondent. The Respondent kept the Petitioner's mother and brother in the lodge not in the house of Respondent. Leaving Petitioner in the house of Respondent, Petitioner's mother and brother returned to Guntakal on the next day. 6. In the month of January, 2013 petitioner's brother Lohith went to Ongole to invite new couple i.e. Petitioner and Respondent for the "Sankranthi" festival. At that time Respondent and his sister demanded new Cot and Bed. Lohith went to a shop and ordered new Cot and Bed paid Rs.18,000/- and returned to house of Respondent. He asked the Respondent about his job trials. He also asked him to give a copy of Respondent's resume so that he can also made trials for job at Bangalore. For this the Respondent and his brother in law got wild and scolded him. Lohit returned .o Bangalore directly where he is employed. 2 days there after they cancelled the order for purchase of cot and bed returned money to Lohit by transfer on line. Respondent and his sister, brother-in-law were demanding Petitioner for house hold articles. Petitioner made her efforts to convince them stating that she had no father her brother was looking after the family, now they could not meet their demands immediately. But Respondent, his sister and brother-in-law not happy with the reply given by Petitioner, they were torturing her mentally by using abusive and unparliamentary language. Even for some time they manhandled her. Respondents brother-in-law thrown hot oil on the petitioner but she escaped with little injuries. He behaved disrespectivly by insulting her betore others. 7. Respondent not developed physical contact with the Petitioner even today she is vergin. Marriage between Petitioner and Respondent has not been consumated, which is amounts to mental cruality. While the things stood so on 09.02.2013 Respondent, his sister necked out the Petitioner from the house for not meeting their demands. After that she telephoned and informed the same to her brother Lohith. He went to Ongole on 9.2.2013 and brought her back to Guntakal. Now she is living at Guntakal with her mother. 8. Petitioner's brother made all his effect its along with his mother to convince Respondent and his relatives to restore the marital life of Petitioner and Respondent. He also convened a panchayat at Ongole, in the month of April 2013 but in vain since 09.02.2013 Respondent not made any efforts to restore marital life with Petitioner. Efforts of Petitioner to restore marital life failed due to adamant attitude of Respondent and his family members. Having no other go Petitioner moved this application for disolution of marriage. 9. There is no collusion between Petitioner and Respondent for filing this petition. 10. Cause of action for the petition arose on 29.11.2012 when the marriage of Petitioner took place and on all subsequent date when the Respondent and his family members subjeced the Petitioner to cruality both mentally and physically, Petitioner is residing at Guntakal along with her mother, and panchayat was also held at Guntakal with in the jurisidiction of thi Hon'ble Court. 11. A sum of Rs,10/- is herewith paid 12. It is therefore prayed that this Hontle Court be pleased to pass a decree in favour of Petitioner against Respondent, a) Dissolving the marriage took place on 29.11.2012 by granting divorce to Petitioner, b) Grant costs of the Petition, c) Grant such other relief or relifes as the Hon'ble Court deems fit and proper and in the circumstances of the case in the interest of justice. I, the above named petitioner do hereby declare that what are stated in the above paras 1 to 12 are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, belief and information read over and admitted by me and signed on this the day June 20" so what iam saying 1.if i means respondent donot attend court,divorce is granted or not 2.if is there any problem to respondent 3.please give me clear picture above the case to respondent