Right to Property

We have a property which is ancestral. However as per the land records, my great grandfather’s name is registered in the document(RTC). As per Landrecords we have also obtained a partition deed which entitles by Great Grandfather to 1/3rd of the land and the house therein. My great grandfather had 2 sons. Elder son died without heir, younger son had 2 sons, his elder son died without heirs and younger son my father. Post the demise of my father and my father’s elder brother, I had applied alongwith relevant death certificates for mutation of RTC in my mother’s name. The same was duly executed by the relevant authorities. Now some of my distant relatives/cousins who belong to my Great Grand Father’s brothers family, feel that this is a property which should have been entrusted to a family trust which will perform all the religious functions attributed to the family at large. First Generation - Great Grand Father – Narayan (name recorded in RTC – 1890 AD) Second Generation - Children – 1) Krishna – no heirs and 2) Vasudev Grandfather – Vasudev has 2 sons – 1) Narayan-no heirs and 2) Krishna Third Generation -Father – Krishna Fourth Generation - myself The name of my great grandfather and my father’s elder brother being same, I am not sure of the actual person on RTC. If I assume that the RTC carries my great grandfather’s name or my father’s elder brother’s name, does my action carry any legal repercussions. Also note my father’s elder brother does not have any heirs. Please let me know your views on my action above.