Security Deposit Returning issue

Hi, I have taken Flat for rent for Rs.18000 from 6th June 2016, House was not very well maintained, When we moves there was lot of cockroach because of wood work, We have cleaned all those and I have pic of those with me. Also the kitchen drain had problem, which was not fixed. when I messaged owner he didn't reply and does not answer the phone call. So I have decided to vacate the house which has problem like this. So I have sent message that I am vacating. Still no response from Owner. I have found place wanted to move in 20 days because we can't live place which stinks due to kitchen water leakage. I have mentioned that to house owner he din't he said ok. Also we agreed we will deduct the my 20 day rent in security deposit. He didn't object at that time. While vacating he mentioned I have to pay one month rent. He didn't fix the problem and not mentioned this clause before I am moving to other house. Finally he has agreed to pay 5 day rent plus one month from security deposit. Because he has new tenant moving on 1st August and my rent runs till 5th August. Even though he got deposit from New tenant he delayed by refund. he suppose to pay Rs18000 + 3000 (5 day rent) - My maintenance (2300) But refunded only Rs.15000 mentioning Maintenance + cleaning = 3000. Not paid the 5 day rent which he is getting from new tenant. So he getting double rent till 5th Aug 2016. When I asked this he is not responding and broker is also supporting owner. he resolved the problem by replacing pipe after I have vacate. why he didn't do when I was their. Also he didn't mention that I have pay one month rent before so I would planned accordingly to avoid my loses. I have txt msg sent to him and he has not replied. Also he paid the amount after many follow up. Please advise how can I take action for this cheating behavior.