Divorce and custody of child

Hello all, need help, love marriage before 8 yrs, she and her family forcefully took divorce after 1 & half month of marriage from "gram panchayat", living separately for 3 yrs then me & my family requested her & her family to continue as we both loved each other, after staying 2-3 months again she left me & went back home, again after 3 yrs I requested a lot & wanted to her anyways as I love her a lot, I become very stable in society with luxuries in home, this time she stays more than 1 yr, we tried for kids but due to her problems she got miscarriage 2 times, did a lot medication for her, she started staying in her home, finally she got pregnant and when she was 6 months I took her home back after a fight with her family, I always wanted my wife & kid with me, but again she left me when she was 8 months pregnant, during this 8 yrs she ran 6-7 times, now my baby is 3 months old but I haven't seen yet as because they neither inform nor want to keep relation, she is Hindu & I'm Muslim, I don't know what's wrong with her that she leaves me every time & making us suffer from peace & social defame!! This time I don't want yo accept any more, need divorce & definitely my daughter, I want my daughter in my custody, last 8 yrs neither got love nor peace, I want my daughter anyhow. I'm financially capable than them Please guide me to get my daughter & divorce as well