Landlord cheated me and deprived me of every amenity.

I am 84 years of age, I've been living in a two bedroom flat on the first floor for the past 3 and a half years. The landlord signed a registered deed for two years for which market rent was taken. The landlord started massive construction from the next day of my moving into the building and landlord undertook construction of the third floor and renovation of the building on a massive scale for which my floor's balcony and drawing room was used as a store room, the labourers roaming freely in the house, dust, cement depris flying lying everywhere. The window panes were taken off, the doors were taken off, bamboos were inserted in the flat for construction which went on for 3 years. I objected to this massive construction from day one and on several occasions I had tiffs with landlord and his two sons. Due to this massive construction my asthma became so acute that I couldn't even breathe in the dusty, cement filled air. After two years the landlord made me increase the rent by 10% but refused to sign registered deed. The water supply to my flat was disrupted on several occassion for days in the month of June and July the hottest months of the year. Last year I was called by the landlord to his ground floor house and his two sons manhandled me, I was pushed and threatened, I was abused. my hip broke. I suffered a massive heart attack a few days later. I was threatened to be eliminated if the matter was reported to Police. I kept silent. The landlord's son used to threaten me on phone making hundrends of phone calls every day, There are witnesses who I met with my grievance who were witness to the barbaric atrocities inflicted on. They even tried to scold the landlord's sons that if these threats to me won't stop I might suffer a heart attack which eventually i did. I couldn't even go to the hospital in time as the main gate was locked and is still kept locked to stop me from going to the hospital for treatment and they don't even allow the medical staff to visit me. I am crippled for life. I am bedridden, Because of my heart conditIon I couldn't undergo hip replacement surgery and now I am totally crippled for life, bedridden dependent on my ailing wife. When I couldn't take it anymore, I filed a police complaint mentioning what all is happening. The police came and did not do much. After sometime they have filed a suit against me for eviction. I have replied detaliling what all happened. The suit is going on in the court of law. I am paying all rent in time. But still water supply to my floor is stopped, electricity disrupted, I still get abused, threatened and I don't know how much more I'll be able to take it. The landlord's lawyer comes to the court shouts in front of the judge, all my truth is buried. Please guide me. What all I have said to you is absolute truth. This is just a jist of what all happened and happening. Thanking you, Yours truthfully