Mlm cheating.

I am a employeeand some days before i got to know that there is one business opprtinity from my X team member and he insist me to join him in the business where as there were lots of opprotinity to earn and he schedule meeting with his X business partner some month before and that person handled me very smartly and discuss about the financial potential which i have and all my background and ask me to join and he gain my trust very smartly and he said that this is not MLM no need to ask people to come and join and on trsut basis i have join the business but i come to know this is total froud case. this is purely MLM and now we have to find the so called bakara for this then only we will get out commission and they ask women to flurt with the mail friends and insist them to join the business by hook and crook.which was not possible because this is not the way which i was suppossed to do. they took moeny from us smartly neara bout in 6-8lks and they order some foolish product as well some services without intimate us.and then we come to know that products are very cheap as per the market value and we come to know this is the mind game total froud case and now we are asking them for the refund they dnt care for that....this is total cheating and now we are in dialama what to do for the recovery because this is our hard core moeny and we are paying EMI per month for the personal loan.and now due to some medical condition i am not able to continue my office so unable to Py EMI.please guide.