Mentioning in Calcutta High Court

My writ petition was registered in July,2015 and first hearing was in september 2015. In that hon'ble Judge directed respondants to file Affidavit-in-opposition within three weeks. No affidavit was filed and my advocate mentioned the case in Calcutta High Court. On the very next day,one respondant filed an affidavit-in-opposition. My case is regarding my retiral benefits, so its very urgent because it is a question of survival of me along with my family. After that my advocate took no steps. Then I saw that my case number is listed in the monthly list in the serial number 3000+. I have waited till June,2016. Recently I have changed my lawyer, and he submitted the affidavit-in-reply and he told me that he mentioned the case as urgent. After 3-4 days, another respondant submitted affidavit-in-opposition. My advocate again submitted affidavit-in-reply for that. As he was told me, mentioning is already done, so the matter can be appear for hearing any day. But in the monthly list of August,2016, I am seeing that my case again is at serial number 2000+ with my old advocate's name. I convey this to my present advocate, and he is telling me that he will mention it again. I don't know the procedures of court. So can you please suggest me,what can I do in this situation. I have retired more than 2 years ago and now I have no money.