Partition suite for ancestral property

My father got 13 acres of agricultural land from my grand father. He died in 1993. After that khata was transfered in my mother's name. Around 5 acres of land was allotted to tenants by land tribunal. We are 2 brothers and a sister. When my father died I was 14 years old , my sister was 15 and my elder brother was 20 years old. From that time he is looking after the land matters. There are some cases in session court and high court against the tenants. Later in 2007, me, my mother, brother, sister, enetered into an agreement to sell it to a buyer. Now my sister mother and brother dont want to sell it. They are fighting against that buyer. My brother and sister both are not ready to buy my share. Even that buyer says I dont want your only share. My brother and sister both are settled in USA as permanent residents. I am not interested in fighting with those tenants or that buyer. There is no one ready to buy my undivided share. What should I do? I am in some finacial problems. What should I do? Please advice me