Access of the grand child to the mother in law

I am a mother of a 5 year old boy child , my husband is a NRI and i use to live with him ,my Mother in law is living in the country , as there was a heavy Dowry demand asked from my father from my inlaws and my father cudnt pay it I was harassed by my inlaws and was even threatened and attempted to be killed my dad agreed to pay the amount when we came back to India on our visit . when we came back to India my husband allowed me to go to my fathers house to get the money but when i told my father that i was physically abused for 6 years he didnt let me go back to my husband and i wished the same . when my husband came to know abt this he came to my house to take away my child and abused my father and hit my brother and ran away out of india 2 years ago , he is absonding from the last 2 years and now his mother has got a access to my child from the bandra family court , my child has seen my MIL hitting me and abusing me , she has also hit my child many times , when i filed for maintenance she argued that she doesn't know where her son is and i cant ask maintenance from her according to the law , she is a very abusive lady and also still has my marriage jeweler given by my father , shes or my husband hasnt paid me a single penny from the last 2 years nor any expence for the child , but she enjoys meeting my child every third saturday in a month as told by the court , where my child hates her and i have recorded proof of that in my cellphone . I WANTED TO ASK HAS MY MOTHER IN LAW GOT THE RIGHT TO ACESS TO HER GRAND CHILD EVEN THOUGH SHES OR MY INLAWS DONT PAY A SINGLE PENNY AND DONT CONTRIBUTE TO ME OR TO THE CHILDS UPBRINGING , I KNOW AND HAVE PROFF THT SHES IS IN CONTACT WITH HIS CHILD ON DAY TO DAY BASICS .