betrayal and Check bounce

I have given Rs.75,000 to a person which i was keeping to write exam after 4 months (co tenant) who attacked me sentimentally (saying like you are like my son etc.,) only on the basis of trust. He told he will give my money back in 3 months. After 3 months when i asked he told next month and when the day came he told one more month and so on. When the days passed like this i was worried since i dint have a proof. He again sentimentally said why you are eating out ill prepare for you along with my food and you pay me 80 per/ day/ per person for morning and night. I was afraid if i dint say yes he would not give my money back. So i said yes, Myself,my brother and my uncle son was eating and we paid 7200 every month that too before the food. The quality of the food was very worst also we are not in a position to say no. So we used to have in the hotel and when we asked her innocent child monika she used to say good food whereas we were given monotonous food and low quality food. Finally we could not resist it so we stopped. So additional 50,000 was spent on food was wasted. One more reason we stopped was he was charging us for the day he has not provided too. Once we stopped he used to threaten us like, he has police influence and he can make a case on any person just walking in the road and he knows how to do it. We are scared since he is a locale and we were staying for job purpose. One day i asked when you will give the money since i need to write my exam and you are always postponing. This time i asked infront of his wife. His wife acted like she dint know(she is also a culprit) and she got me the check for 25k,20k,30k totally three checks and told one more date where they both dint turn up on the date. I got panicked and told my house owner. My house owner said he has not given the rent for 4 months and he has got money from him too. Then he started rejecting my calls. My house owner found he is a fraud (on researching about him) and told me to lodge a complaint. When i reported this to police he accepted this and wrote a letter saying he will give in 1 week this 20th sep 2014. On this date he brought a advocate and said he will see on court and he has tally my money by giving me food (the truth is i paid additional for food) and he must only give us 20k. Proof i have: 1. Witness House owner, My brother 2. Cheques which he gave 3. Voice call recording where he accepted to give on a particular date. 4. A video recording where he said one date and promised on his daughter(she is a good kid). Due this I was always tensed for the past 1 year. Also i dint write the exam so i lost an opportunity for high paying job. Over others reasons i want to teach him a lesson since he is doing this as a job. Also i am planning to write mobile app or website where we can give details like this cheaters so other will not get cheated by these peoples and they should not get the mental pain i have got. Moreover once i have given the case he is threatening us.