Company not pay as commited in franchisee agreement

Hi this is Jitendra from Navi Mumbai, one Ahmedabad based company appointed me as a franchisee manager for its Navi Mumbai location they asked us for mudra loan of 5 lacs n rest of 2lacs amount invested by distributor as per company model also company libel to pay all installments of loan, office rent and other expenses along with our monthly withdrawal of Rs-40 k per month as per agreement I signed. But company not full fill the terms and delayed in execution by not providing office n bank loan formalities n latter thay asked to work without loan n office , also they not pay for the month i worked and asking fresh start from 1June with assurity that all monthly withdrawal of 40k payment terms are still continue, I started workingw as per direction of company but after one month AT the time of payment they delayed payment by giving difference excuses in the same time my two senior who are state head left the job, county head n major distributor n stake holder in company assured me release my payment in one week but latter he not pick my phone same thing done by Director of company she ask me to come HO for meeting for disscusses future strategy and my payment but when she meet me not released my payment and asking time to discussed the issue with country head n HR head who also left the job (I come to know later) and then not responding my call n massage, after one week she told me that she not continue with me and only pay a nominal payment of only one month, when I askes her for my three month payment she not talk n then nither respond nor released my payment. Company do the same thing with so many others too hiring them n not paying by saying you not fulfill the criteria . Company have brand ambassador n took of latter from different state government by saying will giving employment but not full fill that criteria too. I have all communication mail's and phone recordings in which they accepted that delayed in execution by their side n assure my payment but not pay n do thew same thingw with other some 8-9 people to u know also want action against this fraud company. Tell me the possible solution. Regards:- Jitendra