Want to get rid of brothers bad outside activities

We are 4 members in family. Me, my brother , my father and my mother. We live in a rent house and belongs to low class. My brother is 21 year old and he like to steal money from his childhood but now this thing is his habit and profession i think. Every month a new case comes to our front and we got shame by his activities. Recently the news is that i found that my 1 gold chain, 2 silver chain, 1 gold ring are not in my almirah, gold and silver chain has been replaced by artificial chains. I am damn sure that he can steal anything from outsiders, recently we also found him stealing petrol from bike. My family have lost too much money from last couple of years because of my brother. Well now days he dont reside with us, he just comes in afternoon behind me and my father when we move to our offices. We want that in future if this guys make any cause so we should not liable for any matter. What proof can i get from court and how to do that. ? Otherwise you can put any other submission instead of my thinking.