Question about a dispute with relatives because of house property

My uncle was a close acquaintance to my family. When my family had financial problems, he came to help us giving 6 lac rupees to my father and asked to return back when my father would get a home loan. After 2 years of regular trying, my father couldn't get loan from any bank because he was going to retire in 8-9 years. Then my uncle suggested to transfer our house under his son's name so that he may acquire the loan and after completing instalment tenure my father may take back the possession. He also took our gold worth 3lacs with him by saying to keep as morgage and a bike for his travelling needs to look for bank loans. As decided the property was transfered under his name. Later my uncle said that the property must be sold to get extra money from the house. Since my parents objected and asked to transfer the possession back to them, he refused to do so and filed a case against my family. I have got a summons order today (after 2 years 4 months) where my uncle claims to be the owner of the house and has asked sum amount of 11lacs as the price of the house and rental amount of 80000/- with its 18% interest totalling 21000/-.