Compensation for land acquisitiion

I have a land which is approved for starting petrol bunk. Now i have issued notice that the NHAI is expanding the road for which they are acquiring a part of the land approved for petrol bunk. Further the has been approved as plots by the village panchayat and the same has been recorded in the VAO records and I have also got certificate for the same from the VAO. I objected to the NHAI for the land acquisition which affected my petrol bunk business and also to classify the land as commercial plot instead of agricultural land. MY objection has been rejected and the NHAI has Advertised that they have taken possession of my land and asked to appear in person with original documents.MY question i)Whether the compensation will be given as perRFCTLARR Act 2013 or land acquisation act 1956 which they have quoted in their notice.ii)Whether I can claim the expected loss to my proposed business in that particular place which I could not do it in any other place as per the NHAI act for doing petrol bunk business in NHAI and iii) whether I could claim commercial rate instead As I have to appear before the designated officer by next month, what action I should take to protect my right? Kindly suggest,Please.