Alimony from Husband

Hello, My husband filed a divorce case behind my back and I got to know when he has already filed. He did proper planning before that. He is a chartered accountant and company secretary. I have done MBA finance(Correspondence) and I was also working when we got married. I left the job after one year of marriage when we had a baby. At the time when my baby was 9 months, I enrolled for CA course too ( which was a year before the Divorce filing). The idea was to do some value addition while being a full time mother. SO, after he filed the divorce, he went AWOL from the rented accommodation in Gurgaon. The date of divorce filing was Jan 2014. My parents brought me to their home and I continued with my studies as I lost of hope of compromise (since he did all of this behind my back and I could never assume that he would do so) and I wanted to be independent and competent to fight for my baby. I got All India Rank in CA inter and that boosted my confidence and now I have cleared one group of CA final too. Now, he is saying that being CA/CS he is unemployed since May 2015 and claiming that I am remaining idle willfully being an educated and capable person. He was earning a monthly gross salary of 1.5 lac when he filed the divorce and courts awarded a mere sum of Rs. 7,000/- as maintenance for me and my son. Which he is not able to pay as he is hand to mouth. I have literally nothing with me. I transferred all my salary into his account while I was working that I have proof of in my bank statements. I even have chatting proof of him asking my salary. My husband's got so many properties and 2 cars, a luxury car (Honda CIty, which we paid for down payment in marriage. He promised that he will buy the car in my name but didn't do that). I dont have anything with me, not more than 20-30000/- worth of things with me in all. I hoped to fight it out, but eventually realised its not worth it. I cannot linger on him for the sake of 7000-8000/-. So, I have decided to let him go and give the divorce. I asked only my salary amount from him that I transferred into his account. He says that he spent most of this amount on me and maternity expenses. I felt so small after hearing this. After all, it was his responsibility as a husband. My last group of CA final is left and I am hoping for a good start after it is done. I dont want his maintenance amount. I just want the suggestions on my chances for the custody of my child and a lumpsum alimony. He has properties worth crores. We spent approx 14 lacs in marriage and I gave him around 7 lacs from my salary. How much should I qoute him? Asking a big amount from him will mean to stretch the case. I will be happy if I get 10-15 lacs so that I can kick start with my life and move on. I am confident of my earning capabilities. I am not sure if it is too much to ask for.