Appointed as a primary teacher through bogus handicap disability

Respected Sir/Madam, I was collected information through RTI. Now wants to recheck of that employee but handicap certificate issuing department, head of the employee department, other head department regarding handicap not rechecking employees handicap disability. Information collected through RTI as below : 1) Appointed through handicap quota - YES 2) Handicap certificate issuing hospital replied don't have medical board at that year when certificate issued & they suggested another medical board name 3) That medical board not verifying handicap certificate, again sending to verify to same medical board 4) Head of employees department replied we contacted to certificate issuing medical board & on basis of there reply it is issued by them 5) Head of employees department not taking action against rechecking of employees handicap disability 5) Other handicap disability offices not taking responsibility for rechecking disability My question is : 1) From where can I get order soon to recheck employees disability 2) Is there any court in maharashtra mantralaya, if yes can I ragister complaint in this court 3) district court or mantralaya court which one will give result soon 4) how to ragister petetion in mantralaya court