Transfer of lady employee to join her husband.

Sir/ Madam, i am payal gupta working in central bank of India as SC II officer in gottipadu branch (Vijayawada), Andhara Pradesh. I am basically from Assam. My husband is working in Bangalore in a private firm. on May 2013 i came to Bangalore on request transfer and on Oct 2013 i have opted for SCI promotion and transferred to hyderabad, but as per our HR policy if a person came on request transfer and if he or she has competed 2 years in same region on promotion also region can not be changed.W e got married on Feb 2013 and we have stayed only for 3 months together. During my service to hyderabad i was suffering with kidney problem and met with an accident also, so, again on medical grounds i put other request to transfer me to Bangalore as no one is there to take care of me. but still they have not considered my request. At last on April 2016, i have again opted for promotion in a hope that now they will transfer me to Bangalore as so many vacancies are there but still they have given me order for Vijayawada, then i decided to go to central office Mumbai. And i met HR dept. officers there.They have rejected my request orally and told me your case can not be considered at all. since the ministry of finanace have asked banks to frame a transfer policy for female employees in bank vide FNo: 4/9/1/2014-IR dated Aug 8,2014 for minimising the hardship & feeling of insecurity to female employes, even then bank is not considering the same. please guide me what to do in this case, as already 3 years is over of my marriage and now family is also pressuring to start my family life. but in this situation how to start family life if i will not get the chance to stay with my husband.