Legal consequences viable for non-payment of Bond money with MNC

Hi, I was working in a reputed s/w company and I resigned of my duties an year ago. During my employment I was under an employment bond which stated that I have to work with the company for a period of 2 years, breaching of which I will be liable to pay 1lakh INR as loss recovery. I worked in company for 1 year and 3 months before resigning. I was told by my peers that the HR team might or might not ask for the payment of bond money, so I took the chance to resign, thinking I would just cancel my resignation request if they mention about the bond money. During the resignation process I was informed that everything was clear from their side and they informed me the details of my last working day. In a matter of days the process was completed and I was relieved from the company. Few weeks later I received intimation mails regarding recovery of bond money, followed by registered drafts and calls saying that they would take legal actions if the amount is not recovered. Kindly advise what options do I have and what legal actions I am liable to if the company proceeds to claim the recovery in the court of justice. Thank you.