Mental cruelty by wife

I have been married since past 18months, from the day one lot of disputes btw us regarding her unpleasant behivour with me and my family members. Just in 1months we moved to separte house to keep my family safe due to flase claim\blame from my wife. During our seperate stay her expectation were very un-natural like i should not speak to my parents\family, friends and not to share her cruelty\behaviour to anyone including her parents. If i go agains her, she threatens about creating problem to my family with false cases. To get peace of mind, I travel aboard for the office work. During my absence, she vacated the rented house and move to my parents home created mess\problem doing drama of suicide, my old parents were scared and informed her parents to take to her to native since they could not take this kinda tension\harassment. But her parents fought\abusive very badly at hospital and were asking my parents to leave the house if needed and her daughter will remain in the house. As i got to know this issue immediately i travelled back, at house my wife were staying and parents stayed at some negibour house as they are scared to be with her at home. Once i arrived at home, my family members cried for facing such bad situation. As we come from middle class family where only respect\reputation is big asset since so many years. Only solution i could think at that time is to live far from the my family members because they were facing problem\harassment from my wife and her parents. I took her to abroad along with me, initial 1 months she were fine with internation trips\tours and got pregent. After that actuall big problem started, there were fights for following mentioned reasons. 1. To abort the baby (I was not ready to abort, already once she aborted in india without my notice). 2. Financial abusive (took control of all bank, cards etc If i dont agree she threatned abt suicide) 3. Demand to bring her family to abroad. 4. Forcing me to get the parents property. 5. Financial demand to get money from my parents to buy property at her native. 6. Verbal abusive all the time. 7. Isolation (not allowing to speak to any of my family member and even not to my friends in the appartment) 8. Creating problem for my office work (locking me at home, mailing\call to office and abusing) I informed her behaviour to her parents, but her parents supported her all acts\deeds. When i informed her parents that it is not possible for me to live with her taking so much torture\mental cruelty behaviour of their daughter. For that her parents asked me to die if not possible to take her torture or live with her. This showed me the extrem cruelty of her family. I have all the proofs like SMS, calls record, Voice records for all the above incidents and situations. Now, I want to proceed legally for the divorce please sugest me on this. I am worried about my innnocent family too.