Wife issue

Sir /Madam, I am a private employee with salary of 25000 per month. My first wife expired in 2007 january in car accident, later with out concern of my parents and in view of my two kids I have married in inter cast girl in 2007, believing her words that she dont want kids my tow kids are her kids, later after 6 months she started with silly quarrels and used to move to her native place vishakapatnam and after 10 day I used to go there and bring her back. it was recurring every 3 months. What ever happens in my daily life I used to tell her the same she carries to every one I was repeatedly telling her not to disclose family matters to neighbors or even friends she never listens. 3 years back my father has under gone bypass surgery and mother has under gone angiogram (both are heart patents) in view of their health it happend me to resign my job in Maharashtra and live with my parents even at that time my second wife was with us. After 15 days she started quarreling saying "i am not a servant and i cant serve all" in this condition my father gave a house which is near by where he is living, and said he will paid me Rs 10000 per month till I secure job. on 14th January 2014. early morning she started saying you are living in parents house, they my kick off any time for which i replied that as they are in problem and some morel support is required for them they done this arrangement for which she asked legal documents to be transferred on my name and handover them to her which is not possible, later she started that your kids are yours there are not mine i need kids for which i said i will give a kid its not issue. later she told that if she is not pregnant with in 3 moths she will sleep with some other and deliver a child and claim for property. for which I ask her to get out of my house, she left my house saying I amd dead for her and I am no more to her. later upto 2 months I stayed in the same house thinking that in some hot mood she over spoke and found a job and I doing my duty. Last month there was a call from Police Sub Inspector saying that my wife gave a complaint against me and I have to attend for counseling for which I replied she left me 18 months back saying I am dead and no more to her I will take time and come for counseling. Now my father (aged 76) is in very bad health even my mothers health condition is not stable position I am only one to look after them and my kids prepare their food and pack my lunch and my office work. In this situation I cant leave them alone and go out any were I have to be handy for them. Please suggest me what I can do in this possition.