420 case files in other state againt my brother

Please need assistance urgently , My brother is from Karnataka and a criminal case has been filed against him in Rajastan , my brother runs a IT consultation office in karnataka , He has not signed any contract or have issued any checks to the person in rajasthan , my brother has acted like a mediator and charged a consultation fee , and also he has never visited rajasthan. he did not receive any notice or any written requests or any sort of paper work from the person who complained now the person has filed a complaint in Rajasthan and today 2 cops arrived from Rajasthan and arrested him and gave us a fir copy they are in the train and will take 3 days to reach Rajasthan hopefully they will reach Rajasthan on Monday , we don't know any lawyers in Rajasthan and have no contacts at all in that place. how do we proceed further with this please let me know asap. can a complaint be filed in other state if our office is in another state? , can we file for the case to be quashed in Bangalore high court even if the complaint is registers in Rajasthan? can we apply for an anticipatory bail by contacting some lawyer as he is still on the way to Rajasthan? can we get this case transferred to Bangalore high court cos he is from Karnataka but the complaint has been done in Rajasthan? please provide me a reply as soon as possible its very urgent i need to get my brother out of this . thanks in advance for all your kind consideration.