Need legal advice

I the undersigned submit that I am married four years ago with two children, the above persons are my brothers-in-law (hereafter referred as ‘They’). They often come to my house and create nuisance and abuse my parents and elder ones. They often threaten me that they will get me killed by anti-social elements. It is submitted that I am a private employee happily managing my wife and children. About a month ago, they came to my house and took away my wife for a small thing which my wife also testified when the elders from my family and the noble persons from locality persuaded them in a meeting. I am the only son to my parents and there are no other people living in my house except my parents. They didn’t even listen to the elders from the locality who conducted a meeting with my elders and them; instead they started arguing the elders. They often threaten to book me under dowry case and seize my house. Also they often say that they will beat me at my work place in order to dishonor me and lose my job. It is to be noted that I didn’t even ask/take a penny as dowry at the time of marriage. This has put my life at stake, they are harassing me and they want me to live according to their wish. All the local people got involved and intervened, and got success in pacifying them. But again after some days they came to my house and took away my son forcibly pushing me back. I had brought my son to my house for medication, as he was ill and suffering from Jaundice. It is submitted that they are threatening my father with dire consequences as he is a Government employee. They warned me of going to my father’s workplace and abuse him to dishonor him in his office. And that they will book my father in a false case so that he loses his job. Their relatives also are admitting that they are doing tyranny towards me but they don’t listen to them and instead insult them to keep their mouths shut. As we all reside in the same locality, all the locals are aware of all the things happened. All the local peoples are on our side, as we have never fought with anyone nor we had any ill-relations with anyone. They are 6 brothers who always try to harm me, if anyone from the locality tries to pacify and make peace then they apologize. I was living my life happily with my wife and family, but they are harassing me, it is affecting my peace of mind. I didn’t harm my wife at anytime nor will I at anytime. Requesting you to suggest what action can be taken on above case.