Legal Right of son on ancestral property of his Father

Dear Sir, My Grandfather has ancestral land, He has 4 sons & all are married & settled, My Father is eldest one with three younger brothers. Recently My Uncle (Chachaji) called up my father saying that we are going to take a loan against ancestral land & going to purchase a Shop which will be run by his son, My father is not an agreement on this, In fact My Uncle's son was not good in studies & he is not settled, Hence they want to use ancestral land to purchase a shop in Bhopal & will handed over to his son. Being ancestral land We ( Myself & my elder brother) has equal legal rights on the property, Why should he only take undivided benefit of it. My Chachaji played very smart, They called some time back & communicated that My grand mom's jewelry is stolen by his son ( he is nalayak & all that stuff), I doubt all this drama was done so that they can feed in my father's mind that there is nothing left from ancestral jewelry & kept all jewelry with him. I would like to know what are our legal rights on ancestral property & how we can fight against this big cheat done by my uncles. Please help me out. A line of response will be highly appreciated. Thanks