Travel Bond or Agreement

I am an employee working in an IT company. I joined the organisation 6 months ago. At the time of joining I was informed by the HR that the Job would be on a particular technology but after signing a service bond of one year and on the first day, I learned that there was no process on that technology at all. After multiple concerns being raised the manager and HR concluded that its not their mistake and they cant do anything. After 2 months they offered me a chance to travel to the USA. I confirmed on the job again and was informed it would be a core technical job. It was informed to us that the training would be given to 6 members but only 4 would be selected.They made us to sign a bond for 1.6 years and a sum of 3.75 lac in case of breach of contract. the contract read that it would be for so and so process and the work location would be Pune.I wasn't selected for the process. The organisation is now asking me to go to Pune and work on a diffeerent project which is no where in the contract and despite my ill health after returning from USA. I have suffered severe ill health after returning and have doctor prescriptions and lab tests for my health reports.Even though I told them that my health isn't supporting to stay at Pune as I would be having no caretakers, the organisation says the client who paid for the training is asking the amount to be refunded which has been invested on me for the training as I am not willing to work from Pune. There was no clause mentioned in the contract of working at Pune despite not being selected for the project. I do not understand, on what basis they are forcing me to work or refund the money. This has been conveyed to me as part of a HR meeting and not yet documented and notice has been given to me yet. Please advice me what to do next. Is this argument and bond actually valid???