Tranfer of govt officer on grounds of adv stage cancer of mother

Sir i am a group a officer at esic, min. of lab and employment, goi. i am native of jaipur and currently posted at udaipur. my mother is suffering from esophagus cancer at advanced stage. it was lately diagnosed last year in the month of october. she is undergoing various medication including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. her disease has advanced to such a stage that doctors opine that curative treatment is not possible. at present she is undergoing only palliative treatment(so as to relieve the patient from the pain as far as possible). in other words the life expectancy of my mother is very less. since diagnosis of her disease, i am on leave to take her care as i am the only son and male member of my family. meanwhile i applied for transfer request to jaipur on grounds of my mother's illness. after a wait of long eight months (during maximum time i was on leave) transfer list was issued on 15.07.2016 and to my great surprise i was posted to new delhi. i rushed to the headquarter delhi. i am replied that since better medical facilities are available at delhi the transfer is done so. i plead that she is in her advance stage of disease at this time she is not willing to leave jaipur where her family and blood relatives reside. meanwhile my leave reserve has also almost exhausted. fearing the same i represented to the office that atleast for a period of six to eight months, i should be posted at jaipur till her treatment continues. is there any legal relief in case of such a dreadful stage of the disease. can my mother represent the case on her own regarding myself the only son who should look her after at her this stage of life. please guide at the earliest.